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User registration and use of APP privacy agreement

Before registering as a user, please read this User Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement") carefully to ensure that you fully understand the terms of this Agreement. Please carefully read and choose to accept or not to accept this agreement. Your registration, login, use and other actions will be deemed as your complete acceptance of this agreement, and you agree to be bound by the terms of this agreement. This agreement stipulates the rights and obligations between Hi-Speed Accelerator Company (hereinafter referred to as "Hi-Speed") and users with respect to "Hi-Speed" software services (hereinafter referred to as "services"). "User" refers to the natural person who registers, logs in and uses the service. This agreement can be updated at any time by Hi-Speed. Once the updated agreement terms are published, they will replace the original agreement terms without further notice. Users can check the latest version of the agreement terms in APP. After modifying the terms of the agreement, if the user does not accept the modified terms, please immediately stop using the service provided by Weekend. The user's continued use of the service will be deemed to accept the modified agreement and be bound by it.

1. Account registration
1. Users need to register a "Weekend" account before using this service. The "Weekend" account should be registered with a mobile number binding. The user is requested to register the "Weekend" account with a mobile number that has not been bound to the "Weekend" account, and a mobile number that has not been banned by the service according to this agreement. The service can change the way of account registration and binding according to user needs or product needs without prior notice to users.
2. The "Weekend" service is based on the "Weekend" APP product. When registering, users should authorize Weekend to use their personal information to successfully register the "Weekend" account. Therefore, when the user completes the registration, it means that the user agrees to the service to extract, disclose and use the user's information.
3. In view of the binding registration method of the "Weekend" account, you agree that the service will allow your mobile phone number and mobile device identification code to be used for registration.
4. When users register and use the service, Weekend needs to collect personal information that can identify users so that the service can contact users when necessary, or provide users with a better use experience. The information collected by Weekend includes but is not limited to the user's name, address, etc. Weekend agrees that the use of such information will be subject to the restrictions on the protection of user's personal privacy information in Article 2 of this Agreement.

2. Protection of user's personal privacy information
1. If Weekend finds or receives reports or complaints from others about users' violation of this agreement, Weekend has the right to review and delete the relevant contents, including but not limited to user data and posting records, and punish the offending account according to the seriousness of the case, including but not limited to warning, account blocking, device blocking, function blocking, and notify the user of the handling results.
2. Users who are banned due to violation of the user agreement can contact Hi-Speed by themselves. Among them, users who have been blocked will automatically resume the blocked functions after the expiration of the blocking period. Blocked users can submit an appeal, and Weekend will review the appeal and decide whether to change the punishment measures at its own reasonable discretion.
3. The user understands and agrees that Hi-Speed has the right to deal with the violation of relevant laws and regulations or the provisions of this agreement based on reasonable judgment, take appropriate legal actions against any user who violates the laws and regulations, save information according to relevant laws and regulations and report to relevant departments, and the user shall bear all legal responsibilities arising therefrom.
4. The user understands and agrees that the user shall fully compensate Weekend and its cooperative companies and affiliated companies for the economic losses (including but not limited to reasonable legal fees, etc.) caused to Weekend by any third party's claims and demands against Weekend, or the penalty imposed on Weekend by the regulatory authorities, caused or generated by the user's violation of this agreement, and shall keep them from being damaged.

3. User publishing content specification
1. The content mentioned in this article refers to any content produced, downloaded, copied, published and disseminated by the user in the process of using the service, including but not limited to the registration information and authentication information such as account avatar, name, user description, or text, voice, picture, video, image and text and other sending, reply or automatic reply messages and related link pages, as well as other content generated by using the account or the service.
2. Users are not allowed to make, upload, copy, publish and disseminate the following contents prohibited by laws, regulations and policies by using the "Weekend" account or this service:
(1) Opposing the basic principles set forth in the Constitution;
(2) Endangering national security, disclosing state secrets, subverting state power, and undermining national unity;
(3) Damage to national honor and interests;
(4) Inciting national hatred and discrimination and undermining national unity;
(5) Those who undermine the state's religious policies and promote heresy and feudal superstition;
(6) Spreading rumors, disturbing social order and undermining social stability;
(7) Spreading obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, terror or abetting crimes;
(8) Insult or slander others and infringe upon their lawful rights and interests;
(9) Information containing other contents prohibited by laws and administrative regulations.
3. Users shall not use the "Weekend" account or this service to create, upload, copy, publish and disseminate the following content that interferes with the normal operation of the "Service" or infringes the legitimate rights and interests of other users or third parties:
(1) Containing any sexual or sexual implication;
(2) Containing abusive, threatening or threatening contents;
(3) Containing harassment, spam advertising, malicious information, and deceptive information;
(4) Involving the privacy, personal information or data of others;
(5) Infringe the legitimate rights of others, such as reputation right, portrait right, intellectual property right and trade secret;
(6) Contains other information that interferes with the normal operation of the service and infringes the legitimate rights and interests of other users or third parties.

4. Use rules
1. Any content transmitted or published by the user in or through the service does not reflect or represent, nor shall it be deemed to reflect or represent the views, positions or other expressions of meaning of Weekend. Weekend does not assume any responsibility for this.
2. Users are not allowed to use the "Weekend" account or this service to conduct the following acts:
(1) submit or publish false information, or steal other people's avatars or data, or pretend to use other people's names
(2)Force or induce other users to follow, click on the link page or share information
(3) fabricating facts and concealing the truth to mislead or deceive others
(4) Using technical means to establish fake accounts in batches
(5)Engaging in any illegal or criminal activities by using the "Hi-Speed" account or this service
(6) Make, publish, operate or disseminate methods and tools related to the above behaviors, whether or not these behaviors are for commercial purposes
(7)Other acts that violate laws and regulations, infringe the legal rights and interests of other users, interfere with the normal operation of "Hi-Speed" or the service is not expressly authorized.
3. The user shall be fully responsible for the authenticity, legality, harmlessness, accuracy and validity of the information transmitted by using the "Hi-Speed" account or this service and bear the corresponding legal consequences. Any legal liability related to the information transmitted by the user shall be borne by the user, and has nothing to do with Hi-Speed.
If any damage is caused to Weekend or a third party, the user shall compensate according to law.
4. The services provided by Weekend may include advertisements. The user agrees to display the advertisements provided by Weekend and third-party suppliers and partners during the use process. Except as expressly provided by laws and regulations, users shall be responsible for the transactions conducted according to the advertising information,
Weekend will not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by users due to the transactions conducted according to the advertising information or the content provided by the aforesaid advertisers.

5. Other
1. Weekend solemnly reminds users of the clauses in this agreement that exempt Weekend from liability and limit users' rights. Please read carefully and carefully consider risks. Minors should read this agreement with the legal guardian.
2. The validity, interpretation and dispute resolution of this agreement shall be governed by the laws of the People's Republic of China. In case of any dispute or dispute between the user and Weekend, it shall be settled through friendly negotiation. If the negotiation fails, the user agrees to submit the dispute or dispute to the competent people's court of Weekend's domicile for jurisdiction.
3. No matter what reason any provision of this agreement is invalid or unenforceable, the remaining provisions are still valid and binding on both parties

This Agreement is copyrighted by Weekend, and Weekend reserves all rights to interpret this Agreement.

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